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Monthly meetings - First Tuesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. - Park Visitors Center in the workroom.

If you are interested in attending ask to have your name added to our membership list for emails. Call 815-953-4567


NOTE:  Members will not have meetings until March, 2019 and end in November unless you receive a call from the President. 
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Special work sessions are called as needed.
We work on weaving projects and other projects
that improve our gift shop sales.
If you would like to lend-a-hand email, or
call to have your name added to the call list.

Volunteer Desk Service on weekends
is on hold while Visitor Center undergoes rehab.
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Goose Lake Prairie Partners received recognition as IDNR Volunteer of the Year 2022 from Illinois Department ofNatural Resources.

The Goose Lake Prairie Partners were very proud to have been nominated for Volunteer of the Year at the IDNR Award Program at the State Fair August 20. Eight of our members attended the ceremony.

Our Superintendent Linda Moore nominated us for the work we did this year on restoring the Cragg Cabin, which was donated to the Park and the IDNR June 4th,as well as many other projects. It was wonderful to receive parking tickets as well as Fair Tickets and an invitation to spend time in Conservation World which gave the Partners a chance to see all the good things happening at IDNR. 

GLPP goes to The State Fair 2022Take a look at the proud group of Goose Lake Prairie Partners that attended the Fair.

It was nice to be invited and recognized for our hard work.  Partners also celebrated at the final meeting of the year with a Pizza Party.

Group Photo - IDNR Director Colleen Callahan is on the left of the group. Those in the front roll are Audrey Kaluzny, President Charlene McDade, and  Secretary Priscilla Copple. In the back roll is Mary Bonomo, Tom Kaluzny, Vice-President Beverly Mansfield, Georgiean Benson, Nancy Mattson and Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area Superintendent Linda Moore.

Georgiean Benson
In 2019 we were very pleased to add a retired Teacher of Biology to our Membership list. We have found Georgiean to be a truly special addition in the area of arranging displays, and even better, in working with activities for group and class visits to the prairie. She has been so flexible that the age of our groups don't really matter. She has been leader for Girl Scout Groups and school groups too.

Because of her special talents, it did not take President Char McDade long to decide to award Georgiean for her many talents she lends to the park any time she is called upon. Her newest display was at the Prairie Day 2022 when she created a fossil display to set up in the Prairie Grove for us.

Georgiean Benson was our Volunteer of the year for 2021.

Jan Alexander is the instigator of our being our own persons; to buy into the food tent and make it ours. And so we did. Jan served as the cook for so many of our festivals. But without her we might never braved the idea of being our own cook.

Jan Alexander joined the partners in 2010 and volunteered where she could. You might recall that she first joined the Cabin Fest Activity with a display of quilts showing off hand quilting.

After seeing our operation and attending meetings, it was Jan Alexander who ventured out and found us a grill, second hand, and brought it to the park for us to learn to do our own food tent. Not only that she served as our cook in our food tent during the festivals for several years. Eventually, she came only to cook while everyone set up her area for her, until finally she wished us well as she retired from volunteering.

We will always remember fondly how she taught us to be self sufficient in our food tent. In 2020 President Char McDade announced that Jan would be our Volunteer of the year for the year 2019

Jo Fleming is again on the Volunteer of the year list.

  Jo Fleming is again on the Volunteer of the Year 2019 list for her continuous attention to our history and our programs. She always lends a happy face to our events and is visited with so many friends who is familiar with Jo as an icon of the Goose Lake Prairie Partners.

Char, Tom, Supt CodyTom Kaluzny was nominated Volunteer of the Year for 2018 by President Char and Supt. Cody.  Tom has been a member since 2005 and has been a member of the Board for many years.  Tom assists with Cabin Festival and Prairie Day every year, attends the monthly meetings, and made arrangements to get the windmill back up and running. Thank you Tom, for all you do for the Goose Lake Prairie Partners and Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area!

Tom is joined by the Prairie Partners who attended the October meeting.


2017 Volunteer of the Year

President Char and Supt. Duane nominated Becky Sipple as the recipient of the Volunteer Award for 2017. Becky is a great help at the park with group visits, Museum Bulletin Boards, and participation at all of the Festivals and the Photo Contest.  She is a very valuable member of the GLPP organization.  Congratulations Becky.


Judi Jacksohn at VC at GLPSNAPrairie Partner and friend Judi Jackshon passed away August 22nd after a long illness. Judi joined the Prairie Partners in February of 2006. She is known for her soap demonstrations, re-enacting and volunteering to work the center on weekend dates and holidays. She was also well know for her wagon rides where she talked about the beauty of the prairie, prairie plants and grasses. She will be missed.


Beverly MAnsfield was Supt Duane's pick for our representative at State as Volunteer of the year 2017At the Prairie Partner meeting August 1st, Supt. Snow recognized Beverly Mansfield for her service to the Goose Lake Prairie Partners, The Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area for 2017 as recognized by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at the State Fair in July.  He presented Bev with the plaque signed by the Director.  The list of things she does for the park is very long and varied.  She is so talented.

We had a party in her honor; Pizza, fruit and a beautiful cake.  Thank you Beverly for all your service and assistance to us all.

Volunteer of the year 2017
On Saturday November 12, 2016 it was announced that the Volunteer of the year had been chosen for the 2016 Park Season. 
     This year two people were recognized.  Chuck Johnson for his work on the Auditorium Mural, and Susie Johnson for her years of service and long volunteer hours.  We thank them for their service.
PHOTO: President Char is shown presenting Susie with her certificate and Susie is holding Chuck Johnson's certificate. 


2016 - IDNR Outstanding Volunteer of the Year 2016 honored at the Springfield Fair August 20th.
Caroline (Susie) Johnson recognized for service to Goose Lake Prairie from 1998 to 2016.
 Click here for letter of recommendation. 
First photo was the presentation and second is the "Susie Fan Club" that traveled to Springfield.
John McDade took the formal pose.  Donna Snow took the group photo. 
Site Superintendent Snow nominated Susie for this honor.

Dr. Rosenthal presents Susie with Certificate. Groupt that was at Springfield for Vol. Of The Year Presentation

2015 Volunteer of the Year - Jackie Martin
Jackie Martin receives Volunteer Of The Year Award 2015Jackie serves as Treasurer and Purchasing Agent for GLPP.  She is also Chairperson for our Food Tent and is a weekend desk service host.

2014 Volunteer of the Year - Debbie Mahler
Debbie serves as a weekend desk service host and works in the food tents at the festivals.

2011 Volunteer of the Year from State IDNR:  Jo Fleming
Joannet Fleming was honored for 28 years of service to Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area. 
Click here for a photo story of the event at Springfield.  Click here for letter of recommendation.
Joannett Fleming receives certificate from IDNR Director
Standing with Jo is (LtoR) Supt Joe Giacone, IDNR Director Mark Miller, former Supt Joe Nyhoff, and Chief of the Division of Parks Jim Modglin.

Volunteers Recognized  for GLPSNA in 2009 by IDNR
 Nominations letter : IDNR State Awards List.   IDNR Outstanding Award Article : Certificate :   Larger Photo
Partners on State
Accepting the plaque in Springfield August 22, 2009 were Region Two Land Manager Chris Rollins,  Secretary Treasurer Jackie Martin, Vice-President Beverly Mansfield,  IDNR Assistant Director John D. Rogner presenting, Site Superintendent Joe Giacone, President Susie Johnson, Director Pat Christensen, and Director Joannet Fleming,  Additionally, members Andrea Kaluzny, Harry Christensen, Audrey Kaluzny and Tom Kaluzny were on stage.  Chuck Johnson, John and Char McDade was also in attendance.


The Goose Lake Prairie Partners are a Not-For-Profit organization and the only volunteer group associated with the Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area, Heidecke Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area and Morris Wetlands State Fish and Wildlife Area.  Our mission is to help the park in the following ways.

-- To understand, maintain and attract the public to the park by producing various festivals and educational events and display's centered around early life on the prairie and on the natural environment of the park, and
-- To provide assistance and funds as needed by the park and its staff for equipment, supplies, and other items for improvement and maintenance.