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Volunteers at Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area
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   Take only Memories.   Leave only Footprints.    Thank You Very Kindly.GOOSE IN THE GRASS


Gifts to Goose Lake Prairie and to the Partners are very much appreciated and are Tax Deductable. 
If you have questions regarding gifts and memorials, please call the visitors center  (815) 942-2899

Mr. Bill Helmick of Elmhurst, Illinois

We would like to thank Bill Helmick, from Elmhurst, IL for many years of service to the park, for the many slides and photographs he added to our files over the years, and, more recently, for the books and papers that he has donated.  Bill was one of the first Prairie Partners back in the 1980s and has kept the park in his thoughts, he often brought handouts for the visitors. His thoughtfulness has been greatly appreciated.

Mr. Eric Peterson
   2012, June. Donation in honor of his father Gunnar A. Peterson, for whom the Park Visitor's Center is named.  We would also like to thank Mr. Peterson for the desk top PC Computer which will become our research computer.
Midwest Generation
2012 - Sole Sponsor Prairie Day,
    2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2003, 2002, 2001 - Sole Sponsor of Prairie Day...for 10 years!
Midwest Generation logo
Mrs. Becky Sipple of Morris, IL
      2011, March.  Many thanks to Becky for providing the PP with a quilt to use as a fundraiser.  The Twin size quilt is called a "Study in Blues."
Joanett Fleming of Morris, IL
      2011, March. Mrs. Fleming made a monetary donation to support the GLPP
      Website and the stitching on the 2011 raffle quilt.

Alida C. Bliss Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of American Revolution
      2011 March. The DAR honored Art Rohr and Susie Johnson with a monetary
     gift to the park after the presentation on Prairie Conservation at the Visitors
     Center.  Plans have been made to purchase a textbook on moths as soon as
     possible and an order of butterfly larvae at the appropriate time.  The generosity
     is much appreciated. 

Unnamed Donors
     2011, April.  Two donors contributed to the printing of 1,000 copies of the trail
     maps to be used at the visitor's desk to help our visitors walk our trails.  A vital 
     resource, the generosity is very much appreciated.

Janice and Howard Horwic of chicago, IL
2012, February 2 The Horwic family donated a small collection of fossils found in
     Mazon, including trilobite and petrified wood samples to Goose Lake Prairie
     State Natural Area.  They have suggested these to be good hands-on items and
     we are looking forward to planning a program around them.
Midwest Generation
    2011 - Sole Sponsor Prairie Day,
Midwest Generation logo
LyondellBasell, Morris, IL
2011, April 9.  For their annual Global Care Day, LyondellBasell chose Goose
     Lake Prairie State Natural Area. LyondellBasell purchased two Burr Oak Trees
     to plant in the Picnic Grove, purchased 100 bags of Mulch to mulch gardens,
     trees bases, and Butterfly barn and designed and ordered a informative sign to
     sit in front of the butterfly barn behind the center. They also installed the new
     hand railing on the ramp of the Visitors Center.  Over 70 volunteers spent more
     than the allotted four hours to complete all these jobs for the park.  See the
     April (Spring) Tallgrass Journal for more on this story. Click here for Volunteer
     photo. Click here for Slide Show.

Community Foundation of Grundy County
2011 - April.  Grant to purchase lumber to replace the hand railing on the ramp
     on the Visitors Center.
  Installation was by the volunteers at LyondellBasell
     during Global Care Day.
 See full story in April 2011 Tallgrass Journal.

Grundy County Pheasants Forever.
   2011- Donation to cover 3 Burr Oak Trees to plant in the Picnic Grove.
     2007-2011 - Assisted park staff in the removal of the invasive Autumn Olive as
     part of their habitate restoration project.

Butterfly Collection of George Maly gifted to GLPSNA by cousin Mrs. Jane Welch.
 2010 - October Lovely collection of butterflies, moths and bugs was given to
    Goose Lake Prairie.  George Maly grew up in Coal City and made his collection
    while he was quite young.  His brother Robert Maly of Morris, IL reports that you
    could often see George with a butterfly net that was taller than he was.  This
    collection is being studied and hopefully will be on display in the near future.
 See full story in April 2011 Spring Tallgrass Newsletter.

Joliet Exxon Mobil Retirement Club
 2010 - July.  Sponsored the wood to make the Bird Feeders that the children
     built at Prairie Day 2010

Exelon Dresden Station - Community Outreach

     2010 - Prairie Partner Website Sponsor.
     2009 - Piping, trencher and sign for Windmill     
     2008 - Replacement parts for the Windmill



Midwest Generation
    2010 - Sole Sponsor Prairie Day,
    2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2003, 2002, 2001 - Sole Sponsor of Prairie Day
    Grants have also made possible the purchase of Tents, & in 2008 the Bird Cam.
Midwest Generation logo
Area Well & Pump, Morris, IL
     2008 -
Installation of Windmill including, installing pump, and head and lifting
     the tower to it's present location and continued Maintenance.
Brenda Kaluzny Memorial Fund
     2008 Commemorative Bench and Educational projects.
     The commemorative bench is in place. Bev Mansfield, Jo Fleming and Tom
     Kaluzny stop to rest for a moment.
              Kaluzny Memorial Bench    
      2010 - Three Burr Oak Trees were planted in the Prairie Grove Picnic
for the Memorial Committee in honor of Brenda Kaluzny by Tech II Will
      Green and the Conservation Workers in April.                                      

                          Burr Oak Trees added to Prairie Grove Picnic Area
      The Burr Oak Trees are also featured in the Summer Issue of the Tallgrass
      Journal, July 2010, page 1.                                                               

The Family of Marion Boring gifted Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area with a Picture Frame in honor of Marion's love for the  
        Prairie.  Marion was a Prairie Partner and loved to walk on the trails at the
        park.  Many Digitized Photographs have been added to the frame and it is on
        view on the Desk at the Visitors Center most days. October 2009

James Fleming Memorial Waterfowl Wall Mounts
Three Ducks; a Mallard, a Wood Duck, and a Canadian Goose have been
     added to the displays in the Center lobby in Memory of James Fleming, late
     husband of Joannet Fleming, Prairie Partner since February 1985.  June 2009.
Fossil Authority Keith Holmes has added a new Tully Monster
(Tullimonstrum gregarium) the park Fossil Display.  June 2009..
Betty Howard Elliot Memorial Fund
  Canvasback flying waterfowl mount is on display.
     Received from Kathleen J. Elliott in honor of her mother.  January 2009.

Historical Information on the History of the Cragg Cabin received from Dick Hough. September. 2008

     Photographs and Cragg Cabin History has been received by the park October 8, 2008 from Dick Hough.  The history was
     written by his grandmother Zula Randall Hough, also a local historian.  We hope to record this information and add photos
     to the cabin as to its many adventures. 

     A few of the photographs were published in the January 2009 Tallgrass Journal on page 6.

Indian Arrowhead Collection collected in and Around Mazon by Harry L. Hough.  September 2008

     Dick Hough contacted the park concerning a donation of several Arrowheads, arrow points, drills and spuds; and scrapers. 
     Already we are looking to record, inventory and display this wonderful collection of early Grundy County Indian Artifacts. 
     The gift was received October 8, 2008 and will be displayed as soon as possible.  The Artifacts are currently on display in
     the Visitor Center Lobby.

300 Books on various Scientific topics such as Trees, Plants, Animals, Insects, etc. - July 2008

     Shirley Casper, a friend of Goose Lake Prairie, has donated a collection of books on plants, animals birds, and many
     other nature topics.  This donation is extensive enough to be the basis for the new library to be housed in the Visitors
     Center.  Plans are being made to maintain and develop this wonderful gift.  Many thanks to a lady who enjoys nature, and
     with this gift is promoting an educational avenue for other aspiring naturalists.

Mounted Ring Necked Pheasant  -  January 2008Ring Necked Pheasant

     Goose Lake Prairie Partners are proud to place a Ring-Necked Pheasant on
     display in the lobby of the visitor’s center. Thanks to donations from Exxon
     Mobil Retirees Club
, Jane Gilchrist Cain and the Prairie Partners, we
     were able to secure a beautiful specimen. This one is wall mounted in a f
     lying position.  January 2008