The Contest this year brought 18 exhibitors, 2 being in the Youth Division. We were excited to see so many beautiful prints, 105 total, 18 being from the Youth Division and 4 in the Computer Enhanced Division.

Please enjoy the Photographs.

Our judges from the Morris Camera Club were John Zappia, Dr. Rober Engles, and Dr. Larry Johnson.

adultanimal1st_small.jpg adultanimal2nd_small.jpg adultanimal3rd_small.jpg adultbirds1st_small.jpg
adultbirds2nd_small.jpg adultbirds3rd_small.jpg adultgooselakeprairiestatenaturalarea1st_small.jpg adultgooselakeprairiestatenaturalarea2nd_small.jpg
adultgooselakeprairiestatenaturalarea3rd_small.jpg adultinsects1st_small.jpg adultinsects2nd_small.jpg adultinsects3rd_small.jpg
adultlandscape1st_small.jpg adultlandscape2nd_small.jpg adultlandscape3rd_small.jpg adultplants1st_small.jpg
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